In business, there is something which is beyond quality, we call it as the chemistry. It is a secret behind long term relationships. Our goal is to build such relationships.

Company Profile

Veda NRI Services is a company that envisions to provide professional services with humane touch. We have embarked on this journey, to take up projects of any magnitude. The common thread between all these projects is the relationship which we plan to build with our clients. Our team at Veda NRI Services, understands that it is important to look into the minor details of every assignment. Our approach towards each assignment is not only to execute it with quality but also with a humane touch and that is our forte.

Founder & CEO Profile

Mrs. Veda Kalidindi, is the founder of Veda NRI Services. It is her keen interest in providing the best possible service to NRIs, which prompted her to take this venture as a professional commitment. Being abroad for 14 years, she understood the issues which NRIs face in India, regarding property management. Mrs. Veda is a people’s person. She likes to help people and it is a sheer coincidence that she has embarked upon a profession which is based upon building and maintaining relationships with people.

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